COVID-19 Update

Minimize the risk of spreading the virus

Since the situation with COVID-19 in Slovakia is far from ideal, we would like to ask our patients to make visits individually (without a partner or accompanying person) if it is not necessary or required by the type of visit. We are trying to schedule appointments in a way that is minimizing the amount of time patients spend on the clinics but partners that are just accompanying another partner are creating unnecessary overcrowding of our waiting room and therefore increasing the risk of spreading or catching the virus. This pose threat not only to themselves and other patients but also to our staff. We also ask parents to not bring their children to the clinic in any circumstance.

If you have an appointment, find out if your presence or presence of both partners is necessary (e.g. by asking your doctor). All consultations can be made by phone or via Skype.

Wearing a respirator is mandatory while visiting the clinic. Please make sure it covers both your mouth as well as your nose at all times.

If you are not feeling well, do not visit the clinic under any circumstances! Contact us by phone or email to inform us and together we will coordinate the next steps or reschedule your appointment.

If your health condition or the reason for your visit requires it, you can always bring one accompanying person.

Thank you for your understanding.

You don’t have to worry to start your treatment

Even though the pandemic situation is bad, the operation of our clinics continues without any restrictions in available care. We have imposed special hygienic measures to ensure the safety of our patients as well as our staff. If you are planning to visit our clinics from abroad, you can find all the necessary information about the rules and conditions in Slovakia on the website